A building inspector’s prime job is to closely examine the integrity of the building structure and all its components & informing you of the necessary or probable repairs that are needed in accordance with the course of action. Also, the inspector should provide you an accurate estimate of the cost to execute these repairs.

Unless you possess a bit of technical knowledge or information regarding building inspection, it is hard for you to choose an efficient building inspector for your house.

In this article we will be sharing some basic guidance to help you choose the right kind of building inspector for your home.


As your building inspector has a huge responsibility to spot defects and potential problems with the ongoing structure of the building, they must have suitable qualifications and experience in building related industry. Therefore, always check for their qualifications & proper documents to be ensured of their capabilities & aptness. 


Nowadays, you will find many building inspectors listed in the Yellow Pages, community newspapers or in the flyers posted in public places such as supermarket notice boards. As there is no governing body for the building inspectors it is recommended to minutely study the reviews of the previous projects they have dealt with. Besides, if you can get a good referral from one of your friends, that will ease the pressure to a great extant.


Firmly ask your building inspector whether their inspection will cover all the areas of your property or not. Many inspectors will tend to go silent on the items which are hidden specially in the areas such as internal wiring and plumbing. If these areas are not wholly covered by the inspector choose one who will. If for any reason it is not possible, get an electrician or plumber to take a look at the matter.


Another thing you should take into consideration is the time schedule of the building inspection service. You must check whether their service timing is flexible enough to meet your convenient schedule or not. If it does, go ahead and appoint them.

It is always better to consider these points before you select a building inspector. Having all these criteria fulfilled by your building inspector will prove their professionalism and get you a complete peace of mind.

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