When someone buys a home, he not only buys some conglomeration of rooms, rather he buys a lifestyle on a whole. A new home is probably the biggest investment of one’s life. In general everyone has to face some common home inspection issues. For many families, their financial ups and downs are tied to the property. Therefore, having a professional home inspection is very much essential nowadays so that a family’s financial health does not fall in jeopardy.

CBI (Certify Building Inspections) ensures that you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars behind your dream home.

There are many crucial areas to examine during a home inspection. Here are the four must-check areas of them


Another thing that you should take into consideration is the roof. Always keep in mind; a home tour does not include a tour of the roof. A thorough home inspection will reveal if the roof contains any potential damage that might cost huge in near future.

As the roof faces all the natural hazards like rains and storms, it is more likely to be a damage-prone area, especially those edges and conjoint areas. Hence, it needs a constant check-up so that water does not peep in. Sometimes, patchwork might provide a temporary relief, but, for a long run a complete replacement of roof might be necessary. To avoid such conditions, one must have a specialist home inspection service done.

Air Ducts & Ventilators

While buying a property from other owner or settling in as a new tenant, there is a big chance that you will not be shown the status of the air ducts and ventilators. As these are the places from where air is passed, the materials likely to get weakened.

If a proper inspection is not done at the pre purchase stage, these particular areas might be becoming weaker with the time and can cost a lot in near future. So it is important for a potent buyer to inspect these areas at a pre handover stage.

Non-Maintained House

If the former owner of the house is not fond of the maintenance of the house, and now wants to sell you, chances are that the former owner is passing their maintenance costs upon you. A detail home inspection will reveal if the property you are about to buy, will cost you a lot or not.

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