Pre Purchase Property Inspection Melbourne

Pre purchase Property Inspection has been thoroughly carried out by Certify Building Inspections for many years throughout Melbourne and its suburbspre Pre Purchase Property inspectiion MerndaOur expert property inspectors inspect all types of residential property including both new and established buildings, houses, apartments, and units. Simultaneously, we also inspect commercial and industrial properties including factories, commercial offices, and warehouses.

The pre purchase building inspections we conduct covering entire Melbourne are extremely thorough. We use an effective inspection checklist which has been significantly redefined and updated over the years.

Our building inspection reports are fully understandable to all. All reports include visible defects and areas of the property that need special attention. The costs of executing maintenance and rectification recommended by Certify Building Inspections are clearly cited in each building inspection report we provide.

We advice you not to sign any contracts regarding the purchase of any property such as building, home, house, apartment, shop, warehouse, commercial office, and factory until you have:

  1. Had the property completely inspected by the experts of Certify Building Inspections.
  2. Received an in-depth report on the condition of the property.
  3. Had enough time to consider the probable implications of identified defects and the estimated costs of maintenance.

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