Construction Stage Inspection Melbourne

Certify Building Inspection provides a top-notched Construction Stage Inspection service all over Melbourne. Construction Stage Inspection MelbourneThis service is specially for those property buyers who possess less experience and building knowledge.  An in-depth construction stage building inspection ensures that your desired home is being constructed in a right way it should be, maintaining the Australian Standards.

At Certify Building Inspections, we trust that construction stage inspection is one of the most critical inspections that need a special check along with other stage inspections to get the most beneficiary outcome.

Inspections during construction stage also ensure that what has been constructed remains fully consistent with what has been approved. During the building process, our professional building inspectors inspect at certain mandatory stages to check out any defects in the under construction-house.

Our Construction Stage Inspection Service Offers :

  • Frame Inspection
  • Reinforcement Inspection
  • Lock up Stage Inspection
  • Post pour Inspection
  • Fixing Stage Inspection
  • Final Inspection

Once all of these stage inspections are completed, we will email you a detail report including photos and clarify any of your remaining queries.

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