One of the most important inspections during new construction is undoubtedly the ‘Frame inspection’. It is so because had an expert frame Inspection not been done within proper time, the faults in the wooden frames are likely to be hidden and might re-surface in shape of a bigger problem in near future.

Here are some of the flaws found during a frame inspection:

1. RB2 (300×42 LVL 15) Lintel spanned to max 3.6m carrying a point load of truss missing LVL beam.

2. It is evidenced at the time of inspection one of the Truss’s is not connected appropriately; it requires a proper angle connector.

3. Bracing is not in accordance with engineering and AS 1684.2-2010, metal straps need to looped over the plate.

4. Truss Tie has been used instead G 97 x1/MG Multi-grip required at various spots which are not in accordance with Truss layout (Job ref B501R) hence requires a rectification work.

5. DS (Double Studs) supporting Lintel L8, L5, L4 are not in accordance with engineering requirements, at the time of inspections it is evidenced DS are not 2/90×45 F17 KDHS Studs.

6. Trench or Notch or Cut in bottom plate for shower rebate in bathroom between bedroom 1 and bedroom is not in accordance with AS1684.2-2010 Clause Notching Trenching and Holes in studs and plates, it is evidenced at the time of inspections 45mm cut has been done in bottom plate, which has compromised the structural adequacy of the bottom supporting double and single studs, it requires immediate rectification works.

Therefore, if you are investing your hard-earned money to build your dream house, make sure you arrange a quality assurance frame inspection to avoid all the major and minor errors that have been neglected by the builder.

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