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5 Things to watch for during a Bathroom Inspection

A bathroom is one of the crucial places to be inspected during a Building Inspection. It is important as most of the leakage problems somehow relate to it. So a thorough inspection is always recommended to avoid such issues. Here are the 5 things which need a special check during House Inspection.

  • Toilet Seat/Pod

Check out for any traces of mild flowing of water in the toilet seat after several minutes of using cistern. Alternatively, put a piece of toilet paper at the back of the pan. If it turns wet, that means it’s leaking water.

  • Taps

Check out the joints of all the taps to confirm any leakage.

  • Basin

Inspect the vanity basin quite well and look for any crack in the basin. Also, check out the wall chips for cracks & leakages.

  • Bathtub

Look for cracks in the outlet joint of the bathtub.

  • Shower

While examining the shower look for any cracking or damage to the screen of the shower. Also, watch out for any corrosion in the shower tap and the shower head.

These are the most primary places of a bathroom that are needed to be inspected. You can’t do it by yourself, call a professional building inspector to check out all the areas and get expert advice.

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