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4 things you should remember before buying a property

Picture Supported Reports

A good picture is more than a thousand words. Same applies while you buy a property. Don’t accept any verbal building inspection report as no insurance company will support a documentation report without proper pictures. In other words, you may as well not had it done.

Avoid Part-timers

Before you buy the property, always look for professional building inspectors who possess substantial industry experience and avoid those who only work as a part-timer in the industry. These persons usually don’t have the thorough methodology and note-taking expertise to deliver a comprehensive easy to read the report. So better go for an experienced & reliable one.

Hire A Diligent Building Inspector

Always check the substantial track record of the building inspector before you hire. If his track record in the industry is commendable, you can go ahead and hire him with much assurance. Besides, make sure he is easily accessible and can deliver your report within 24 hours of completing the inspection.

Conforming to Australian Standards

Last but not never the least, make sure the property you are about to buy is fully maintained under Australian standard (AS 4349)


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